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Nash & Pepper - Aftersun / I Killed The Love

January 24, 2011
Sometimes it takes more than one mastermind to create something big. The double release 'Aftersun' and 'I Killed The Love' is a perfect example for that. The tracks were written by Belgian duo Nash & Pepper, known for their outstanding blend of soulful progressive beats and heartrending vocal-lines. They handed these jewels to a bunch of highly talented producers, to give their own interpretation of 'Aftersun' or 'I Killed The Love'. The outcome now appears on Armada Music's Soundpiercing imprint. Convincing in various production styles under a number of aliases, it's British producer Mike Foyle who builds tension on his two remixes of 'Aftersun'. Both the 'New Moon Remix' and 'Full Moon Remix', are night-black dark-trancers that offer you deep synths, a constant drive and a catchy melody. Still progressive but kicking in with a little more euphoric feel, is Mike's rework of 'I Killed The Love'. He made good use of Dutch singer Guy Swinnen's vocal, making his version a true stand-out. Canadian mastermind Arnej balances deep, dark prog and high, tempting trance till the very last beat. His rework of 'I Killed The Love' is another flawless example of what the perfect peak-time prog-trance ride. Last but not least, Duncan Kaye & The Mystic Force transformed 'I Killed The Love' into a moving prog-trancer, washed down with tingling synth-lines. Support by: Paul Oakenfold, Gareth Emery, Sean Tyas, Andy Moor, Myon & Shane 54, W&W, Jorn van Deynhoven, Simon Patterson, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ben Gold, Mark Sherry, John Askew, Lisa Lashes


  1. 0. Aftersun (Mike Foyle Full Moon Remix) (08:16)
  2. 0. Aftersun (Mike Foyle New Moon Remix) (08:09)
  3. 0. I Killed The Love (Mike Foyle Vocal Mix) (07:34)
  4. 0. I Killed The Love (Arnej Dub) (07:01)
  5. 0. I Killed The Love (Duncan Kaye & The Mystic Force Instrumental Mix) (07:45)
  6. 0. I Killed The Love (Duncan Kaye & The Mystic Force Instrumental Radio) (03:20)
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