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Nadia Gattas - Gravity

June 28, 2016
Pulling you in right off the bat with a diverse selection of entrancing timbres only to blow your mind shortly after with kick-ass rhythms, 'Gravity' marks Nadia Gattas' debut on Armada Deep. One might not understand the physics behind it, but the tune does resembles that specific law of nature. No matter how big the build-up, it always comes down to a drop. And this one's executed perfectly.


  1. 1. Gravity (03:26)
  2. 2. Gravity (Seizo Remix) (03:19)
  3. 3. Gravity (Joris Dee Remix) (03:27)
  4. 4. Gravity (Seizo Extended Remix) (04:01)
  5. 5. Gravity (Joris Dee Extended Remix) (06:05)
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