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Myon & Shane 54 - Futuristic

September 12, 2011
On the verge of destroying and rocking your speaker, is the brand new single of Myon & Shane 54. The boys are back and ready to reveal an essential piece of their upcoming artist album. Let 'Futuristic' be the promise to many more good stuff to come from the Hungarian duo. There's no quality sound system that hasn't touched the beats of Myon & Shane 54. Whether reigning from one of their many ingenious mash-ups, sturdy remixes or dazzling originals, it's the warm but punchy progressive-trance sound of the duo that sets things alight time after time. With their new artist album, expected early 2012, in sight, the guys proudly present one of the first puzzle pieces to be revealed: 'Futuristic'. It's one of those tracks that, even stuck on replay, amazes you time after time. 'Futuristic' is one big drive, set forth by a deep bass, melodic synths and a dark feel to it all. It's the energetic push that keeps you going during many nocturnal adventures to come. Besides the tech-house inspired Green & Falkner remix, Myon & Shane 54 also created a special Synthapella version, without the drums and bass. This version is the first sign of their soon to be released 'Mash-up Tools' series, that encourages mashing up with the stems, accapella's and part of their own tracks. We're sure you'll find this pretty useful to make 'Futuristic' a strong part of your DJ set!


  1. 0. Futuristic (Original Mix) (07:23)
  2. 0. Futuristic (Green and Falkner Remix) (07:46)
  3. 0. Futuristic (Synthapella) (04:49)
  4. 0. Futuristic (Radio Edit) (03:32)
  5. 0. Futuristic (Green and Falkner Radio Edit) (03:09)
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