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Myon & Shane 54 feat.Labworks - Ibiza Sunrise

August 09, 2010
Sun and Ibiza. A combination to die for. One thing's for sure; sooner or later, the sun will always set. A time of day that especially appeals the dance crowd, who hungrily await the first beats that rouse the speakers in the clubs opening that night. The Hungarian DJ and producer duo Myon & Shane 54 decided to take things differently this time and leave the night behind to go for the early dawn of 'Ibiza Sunrise'. The guys, known for their unrivalled remixes and tracks 'Vampire' and 'Helpless', teamed up with Swedish DJ and producer team Tomas Skyldeberg and Eric Skapdal, also known as Labworks. Back in 2002, the guys released the first version of this beauty, which has now been brought back into the lab for a few 2010 touch-ups. Trust us, you'll welcome this beautiful uplifting trancer with open arm. 'Ibiza Sunrise' awaits you with a breathtaking build-up and lovely synth-lines. Not only the sparkling melody, but also the sea and gull samples in the track make that golden sunrise the guys had in mind while creating it so vividly and real. So after you've had your night out, are you ready for your little reminiscences, calming moment on the beach?


  1. 0. Ibiza Sunrise (Classic Mix) (08:35)
  2. 0. Ibiza Sunrise (Classic Dub) (08:35)
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