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Myon and Shane 54 featuring Aruna - Helpless

September 14, 2009
Hungarian producer/DJ's Myon & Shane 54 were hungry for some vocals again. And what else fits their style better than the lush voice of American singer Aruna?Both heavily involved with dance music, this team-up is one to remember. After 'Waiting Here For You' and 'Falling Backwards' on Aruna's side, plus 'Vampire' and 'All Night Rock & Rock' on Myon & Shane 54, it's their collab 'Helpless' that's set to please the crowds this time. This deep progressive trancer was already featured on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 2009. Mesmerizing melodies and contagious beats mark this beauty of a track. We can't wait for the next team-up of this trio.


  1. 0. Helpless (Monster Mix) (08:57)
  2. 0. Helpless (Ian Flux & Thomas Blofeld Mix) (05:41)
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