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Mr. Pit featuring Vicky Fee - Back For More

August 25, 2008
Romania's Adrian Ivan has firmly established himself as a Global DJ Broadcast and Coldharbour Recordings star at an incredibly rapid rate. After making his debut on Coldharbour Selections Part 15 with Isolarium, and teaming with B.E.N. for their Superstition / More Manners Please EP, he embarked on solo projects once again, which resulted in a more melodic output. After delivering the brilliant tunes "Shana" and "Love You More" he teamed up with British singer Vicky Fee. "Back For More" is an amazing vocal track. Vicky's hypnotizing chanting combined with the catchy hook of Mr. Pit made this track into a sure shot for Markus Schulz. More info: Support:Markus Schulz: Playing all the mixes and featured on my latest mix compilation


  1. 0. Back For More (Funabashi Remix Dub) (09:33)
  2. 0. Back For More (Funabashi Remix) (08:15)
  3. 0. Back For More (Original Intro Mix) (07:56)
  4. 0. Back For More (Original Mix) (09:05)
  5. 0. Back For More (System 22 Remix) (07:48)
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