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MOST feat. Ruby Prophet - Summer

March 10, 2017
For most of his life, The Bearded Man has tried to cultivate an appreciation for the present moment. Technically, none of us should care if it’s hot outside or cold, or if Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriends were yes and/or no. In the end, The Bearded Man knows the only attitude to have is one of gratitude. He finds it easy to be grateful when munching on a donut, when sunning and fluffing his beard by the pool, when walking through a market in Marrakech… But what about when things change? When it’s freezing, when it’s grey, when nothing seems to be landing? Somewhere deep down, The Bearded Man knows that these are the moments in which it’s *especially* useful to be grateful, as hard as it may seem. Even still, in spite of his better intentions, he still misses a certain someone when summer’s gone
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