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Moonpax, Snatt and Vix - Winter Of Love

March 22, 2010
Five heads, five thoughts and five different opinions. But the result is one track, and one in harmony. Moonpax, a musical minded trio from Tel Aviv, Israël combined their sound with that of Romanian duo Snatt & Vix. Two new names on the AVA Deep label, of who we'll surely hear a lot more.'Winter of Love' sounds just like its title. Driven by a cold hard and deep bass, but built around a core that's filled with warm progressive and melodic trance. 'Winter of Love' is one of those tracks that unfolds along the way - and wins you over time after time, whether with its rich instrumental path or tough bassline. New York based trance producer DJ Eco put some trance violence into 'Winter Of Love', with a sizzling hot climax as the cherry on top of his remix.


  1. 0. Winter Of Love (Original Mix) (08:09)
  2. 0. Winter Of Love (Eco Remix) (07:28)
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