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Moonpax, Snatt and Vix - Replay Girl

June 14, 2010
The influences, ideas, sounds and passion of 5 different musicians all came together in the very first single of the Moonpax vs. Snatt & Vix team-up. 'Winter of Love' heralded the trance scene to the synergy of Israeli trio Moonpax and Romanian duo Snatt & Vix, a track in complete harmony. Unanimity has kept the progressive trance spark going, resulting in another AVA Blue release: 'Replay Girl'. Subtle, glinting waves of warm melodic prog-house slide into trancy synths on this one, rocking the dancing souls with a deep beat and constant drive of energy. Michael Calderone and Austin Hall of the upcoming Space RockerZ collab made 'Replay Girl' one with an attitude and unmistakable groove. 'Replay Girl' will surely get stuck on replay! Markus Schultz will support Gareth Emery Nice track here from these guys. The remix just edges it for me. Richard Durand Nice tracks for the radio and will also test live. Ernesto & Bastian Great release, love it, like and support both mixes. Ron Hagen Liking this a lot, can't decide which mix yet, thanks!!! TyDi Supporting Richard Durand Nice tracks for the radio and will also test live.


  1. 0. Replay Girl (Original Mix) (07:08)
  2. 0. Replay Girl (Space RockerZ Remix) (07:47)
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