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Andrew Rayel - Moments

December 15, 2017
Lining up four sublime remixes of singles taken from Andrew Rayel’s latest artist album, EP1 of ‘Moments (Remixes)’ consists of high-quality music only. From Spencer Brown’s Hypnotic Mix of ‘Moments and Crystal Lake’s version of ‘Heavy Love’ to Manse’s remix of ‘Home’ and Exis’ bulldozing take on ‘Once In A Lifetime Love’, this EP provides the music that will supply you with amazing memories for time to come.

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  1. 1. Home (Manse Remix) (03:24)
  2. 2. Heavy Love (Crystal Lake Remix) (03:23)
  3. 3. Once In A Lifetime Love (Exis Remix) (03:04)
  4. 4. Moments (Spencer Brown's Hypnotic Remix) (03:42)
  5. 5. Home (Manse Extended Remix) (04:31)
  6. 6. Heavy Love (Crystal Lake Extended Remix) (04:22)
  7. 7. Once In A Lifetime Love (Exis Extended Remix) (04:26)
  8. 8. Moments (Spencer Brown's Hypnotic Extended Remix) (07:27)
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