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Mischa Daniels - Let's Connect Tonight

September 13, 2013
He’s given sound to the stars of night, moved clubs packed to the rafters and continues to give house music a new shine. Mischa Daniels is still stretching the curve of his career. Two years after the grand success of his ‘Where You Wanna Go’ album, he heads for new directions. House will ever take the lead though, with the mighty follow-up album ‘Let’s Connect Tonight’. The world still sways to the title track of his debut album, ‘Where You Wanna Go’. The hit single, featuring hip-hop wordsmith J-Son, reached golden status in Canada and peaked the Sirius XM radio charts. That’s not all though. Its music video clocked up more than 5 million views, as the single still continues to rock radio stations from one country to the next. Daniels isn’t one to be resting on his laurels though. His unstoppable drive to create a unique vibe brought us the successor, ‘That Girl’, as well as instrumentals ‘Rush’ and ‘Intergalactic’. In the meantime, his master plan unfolded with the creation of ‘Let’s Connect Tonight’. Embracing all shapes of diversity, the album brings oldskool, modern, eclectic, hip-hop and prog, residing under the house music sound. Clocking up more than 15 years of experience, there’s no style that Mischa Daniels can’t handle and that’s exactly what makes ‘Let’s Connect Tonight’ stand out. Including collaborations with Sharon Doorson, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Mandee, Nicole Jackson, King Louis, Craig Smart, Mugz & Rosette, U-Jean and many more, ‘Let’s Connect Tonight’ has a self-explanatory title. It’s time to connect.    


  1. 1. Mischa Daniels feat. Craig Smart, MuGz & Rosette - Partied All Night (03:22)
  2. 2. Mischa Daniels feat. Sharon Doorson - Can't Live Without You (03:24)
  3. 3. Mischa Daniels & King Louis feat. B.U - #FML (03:09)
  4. 4. Mischa Daniels feat. Nicole Jackson - Let's Connect Tonight (02:53)
  5. 5. Mischa Daniels feat. Dupuis - Fire & Love (06:09)
  6. 6. Mischa Daniels feat. Mandee - Beg Me Please (04:00)
  7. 7. Mischa Daniels - The Hum Song (03:43)
  8. 8. Mischa Daniels feat. SPC - Rock Me To The Beat (03:48)
  9. 9. Mischa Daniels & Jonathan Mendelsohn - Heartbeat (03:42)
  10. 10. Mischa Daniels feat. U-Jean - That Girl (02:50)
  11. 11. Mischa Daniels - Intergalactic (03:43)
  12. 12. Mischa Daniels - Shaking (03:48)
  13. 13. Mischa Daniels - Fanfare (04:11)
  14. 14. Mischa Daniels - Rush (03:37)
  15. 15. Mischa Daniels feat. Aleesia & Damon Sharpe - Dance Till We're In Love (03:08)
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