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Mischa Daniels featuring Tash - Round & Round (Take Me Higher)

October 01, 2007
What can you say about Tash? The name Tash might not mean anything to you but if we say Natasha Hamilton, she might ring a bell! Natasha Hamilton has been one of the members of the "girlband" Atomic Kitten.Having joined the fledgling Atomic Kitten aged just 16 the Kittens' signed their first deal with EMI/Innocent 2 months later and she soon rose to fame with the band's debut hit "Right Now" hitting the top ten in December 1999.One of her new projects is the team up with Dutch house producer Mischa Daniels. With his fresh sounds he took Take Me Higher to a next level with Tash's Vocals.Mischa's beats and the amazing vocal of Natasha blended perfectly.A perfect team up but... Can the package even be better? Yes it can! On the remix non the less then super star Tom Novy!


  1. 0. Round & Round (Take Me Higher) (Tom Novy & Jerome Isma-ae Remix) (09:07)
  2. 0. Round & Round (Take Me Higher) (Original Mix) (07:45)
  3. 0. Round & Round (Take Me Higher) (Electro Mix) (06:49)
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