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Mischa Daniels feat. Sharon Doorson - Can't Live Without You

August 05, 2013
Only a short wait for the brand new artist album of Mischa Daniels to land. The Dutch producer hits in with smash after smash, and shortly after knocking us down with 'Partied All Night' he brings us 'Can't Live Without You'. Featuring Holland's hottest singer of the moment, Sharon Doorson, a new sensation's here. Two passionate artists join forces on the latest piece of energy. Blending pop and dance, is 'Can't Live Without You'. Mischa Daniels, mastermind behind countless of house monsters, and label-owner of the mighty Fame Recordings. Sharon Doorson, semi-finalist of TV program The Voice, who's debut single 'Fail In Love' rules radio stations in more than 18 countries and kept its high chart position for more than 4 months. Together, the rise. 'Can't Live Without You' is a contagious tune that doesn't only bring action, but also touches the tender side of things. A great up-tempo tune for club and radio purposes!


  1. 1. Can't Live Without You (Radio Edit) (03:24)
  2. 2. Can't Live Without You (Extended Mix) (05:33)
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