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Mischa Daniels feat. Craig Smart, MuGz & Rosette - Partied All Night

April 22, 2013
For the next single of his upcoming artist album, Mischa Daniels got all-in. The Dutchman teams up with multi-talented singer/songwriters Craig Smart, MuGz and Rosette, resulting in the perfect hangover remedy: 'Partied All Night' on volume max. Following the golden record smash that was 'Where You Wanna Go' ft. J-Son, taken from Daniels' debut album, is the next tune to rule the floors. Backed up by the talents of Canadian singer/rapper Craig Smart, wordsmith MuGz and the female touch of Rosette, Mischa Daniels lands a highly contagious tune that is both fit for peak-time club-trouble as well as radio rotation. 'Partied All Night' awakens the night.


  1. 1. Partied All Night (Radio Edit) (03:22)
  2. 2. Partied All Night (Extended Mix) (05:15)
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