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Mischa Daniels & Erick Morillo - Take Me Higher 2017

January 30, 2017
Marking the second era of Mischa Daniels’ timeless Ibiza anthem. ‘Take Me Higher 2017’ is poised to make an undeniably big impact on the scene. Now a collaboration with House legend Erick Morillo, this cut will be at the core of next Summer’s most iconic beach parties and its biggest highlight. Also coming in a madly energetic Morillo Get In Your Head Mix, ‘Take Me Higher 2017’ will have you screaming for more for hours on end.


  1. 1. Take Me Higher 2017 (Club Mix) (03:29)
  2. 2. Take Me Higher 2017 (Morillo Get In Your Head Mix) (03:29)
  3. 3. Take Me Higher 2017 (Extended Club Mix) (07:02)
  4. 4. Take Me Higher 2017 (Morillo Get In Your Head Extended Mix) (06:40)
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