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Milan & Phoenix - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

July 24, 2012
There's one particular season that inspires the tunes of Chris Milan and Jay Phoenix: summer! Last year, it was their 'Carnival' that became the summer's essential, this year it's the feel-good tune of 'Istanbul (Not Constantinople)' that'll get you dancing!Avid EDM fans since the early 90's and rocking things out together since the millennium years, the Milan & Phoenix duo have grown their very own style and sound.Residing in the happy, sun-drenched, feel-good type of tunes, Milan & Phoenix bring in their latest weapon for the summer of 2012: 'Istanbul (Not Constantinople)l'. Named after one of the world's richest cultural cities, it throbs with a deep and layered bass, kicks in with catchyvocals and brings you a warm, playful melody.Another sunny tune from the dynamic duo!


  1. 1. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Radio Edit) (02:27)
  2. 2. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Original Mix) (04:19)
  3. 3. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Club Mix) (05:51)
  4. 4. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Club Mix Edit) (02:53)
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