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Mike Foyle - Silver Lake

July 19, 2010
Everything started back in the year 2005 with 'Love Theme Dusk'. Soft, dreamy and light-hearted, but still able to rock a floor in the middle of the night to the fullest - indeed, we're talking about Mike Foyle's production marvels here. His 'Firefly' and 'Pandora' were also driven by scintillating piano-lines as a main part of their break down. But be sure, aside from the typical Foyle sound, the Englishman left more than plenty of space open for experiment. Under his Statica moniker he even came up with an odyssey to the darker side of trance, following the path he already started to create with 'Blossom' and the eerie 'Deadly Nightshade'.'Silverlake' definitely shows Mikes constant development. Its breakdown carries you away into a lovely world of violin sounds, while its build-up awaits you with constantly dropping arrangements. Yet still very dreamy, there are clear tech-trance elements in the track. And to round the whole thing off, 'Silverlake' wouldn't be a true Mike Foyle production if there wasn't a piano line in there. On the remix, you'll find Estonian producer Rene Pais under his DNS Project alias. His rework of 'Silver Lake' focuses on the tech-trance elements in the original track and is a clear floorfiller. Pumping, straight forward and when linked to Mike Foyle: completely unexpected.


  1. 0. Silver Lake (Original Mix) (08:49)
  2. 0. Silver Lake (DNS Project Whiteglow Mix) (06:51)
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