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Mike Foyle & ReFeel - Universal Language

January 09, 2012
UK producers Mike Foyle & ReFeel set the tone for 2012. With 'Universal Language', they land a warm, future classic for the trance loving crowds. Giving us a taste of summer with its guitar riffs, while keeping us warm in mid-winter, is the melodic gem of 'Universal Language'. Talking the wise words of music, driven by a melody of finesse and moved by a tint of mystery, is the first collab of talents Mike Foyle and ReFeel, already embraced by the trance masses. London-based producer Ben Gold did another one of his famous big room treatments on this one, with a strong, energetic remix as the astonishing result.


  1. 1. Universal Language (Original Mix) (08:37)
  2. 2. Universal Language (Ben Gold Remix) (06:34)
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