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Mike Foyle presents Bolt - Buff Monkey / Rascal

December 27, 2010
Mike Foyle is the UK producer that made classical piano danceable again. Need proof? Listen to his Signalrunners collab 'Love Theme Dusk', the outstanding 'Firefly', 'Pandora' or any of his other versatile blends of style. But there's more to Mike Foyle's trademark sound than piano. He enjoys his odysseys to the darker side of trance, either under his Statica or Bolt alias. For the first time in three years, he now returns to his dark storm Bolt alias, with 'Buff Monkey' and 'Rascal'. Prog-lovers, be ready for a little celebration. Both tracks await you with feisty, night-black sounds, that surprise you with replay after replay. Multiple styles collide on this EP. While 'Buff Monkey' offers a tight mix of housey beats and playful punches, 'Rascal' is heavier on the trance side, taking you in with moody, deep synths. Both tracks twist and turn, ready to blow the minds of every single clubber the speakers will try moving. Support by: Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Alex M.O.R.P.H, M.I.K.E, Andy Moor


  1. 0. Buff Monkey (Original Mix) (08:23)
  2. 0. Rascal (Original Mix) (07:24)
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