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Mike Foyle & DNS Project - Cayo Norte

November 15, 2010
Sometimes there's that little, magical spark. And you know it, when two stars collide, you get a twinkling end result. Two musical talents, Mike Foyle and DNS Project, have joined forces on a scintillating prog-trancer called 'Cayo Norte'. British multi-talent Mike Foyle, known for his spine-tingling piano-driven tracks 'Shipwrecked', 'Silver Lake' and the darker proggy 'Bittersweet Nightshade' and 'Deadly Nightshade' teamed up with Estonian producer Rene Pais, working under his DNS Project. Rene, who's had his share of success with the indulging 'Timestep' and 'Mindful' as well, has mastered the progressive side of trance more than well. But there's so much more to both sounds of these producers. And that's showing on 'Cayo Norte'. 'Cayo Norte' is intensely deep and diverse. A bold bassline supports a scintillating combination of strings and Mike Foyle's typical piano-lines. The mesmerizing break-down leads into a storm of a record, unleashing a big room power that'll make 'Cayo Norte' explode every dance floor. On the remix, Norwegian duo Lemon & Einar K present a 'Cayo Norte' translation that sits between progressive- and tech-trance. It hits in harder, faster and stronger. Support by: Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Paul Oakenfold, Ashley Wallbridge, Ernest vs Bastian, Judge Jules, Andy Moor, Signum, Alex M.O.R.P.H. Jorn van Deynhoven, Leon Bolier


  1. 0. Cayo Norte (Original Mix) (07:27)
  2. 0. Cayo Norte (Lemon & Einar K Remix) (06:24)
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