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Michael S. - Mark Me Down

August 22, 2011
Exciting new signing to Perfecto Records, Chicago's Michael S. brings a whole new meaning to the term diverse. The impact his material has had on the Perfecto team has been huge. Showing incredible talent both as a singer and songwriter here is an artist we want to help develop into a headliner of both our label and the international live circuit. Having grown up listening to the music of bands like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Journey his father taught him how to truly appreciate the beauty within great melodies and vocals. Those teachings clearly worked. Distinctive, clean and powerful vocals combined with poignant, emotive lyrics and a strong melody, Michael's debut single "Mark me Down" sets the stage for what's to come in the future from this vibrant song writer. Having already shared the stage with the likes of Fall Out Boy, Hello Goodbye, and The Plain White T's an eventual live show is also high on the priority list. A fresh and exciting new artist with such talent and passion, regardless of whether he is in the studio or on stage, we are truly thrilled to have Michael on board at Perfecto - bringing his unique sounds to the table that bridge the gap between Dance and Pop perfectly. With killer remixes from super hot producers Mike Shiver, ReOrder and Uberphat completing the package - this is another Summer anthem in the making from an artist we feel very proud to represent.


  1. 0. Mark Me Down (Mike Shiver Remix) (07:37)
  2. 0. Mark Me Down (ReOrder Deep Mix) (07:19)
  3. 0. Mark Me Down (Uberphat Dubstep Remix) (06:04)
  4. 0. Mark Me Down (US Club Mix) (05:45)
  5. 0. Mark Me Down (Mike Shiver Dub) (07:07)
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