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Michael Mind Project - How Does It Feel

November 27, 2009
The catchy club tracks just keep coming! Straight from the German studio of house producer Jens Kindvater, comes a new Michael Mind Project track. 'How Does It Feel' is a warm, contagious club track that'll give you an instant flashback to the biggest summer-hit of last year, 'Infinity 2008'. No surprise really, given the fact that it's the same singer doing the vocals for 'How Does It Feel'.This time, it's winter and the clubbers are waiting for a new club cracker to dance to. Michael Mind makes sure to keep the bodies moving, in a mix between warm progressive and upfront house. 'How Does It Feel' unmistakably feels good!


  1. 0. How Does It Feel (Radio Edit) (03:05)
  2. 0. How Does It Feel (Club Mix) (05:28)
  3. 0. How Does It Feel (Dutch Mix Edit) (03:22)
  4. 0. How Does It Feel (Dutch Mix) (05:33)
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