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Meridian - Full Anger / Turning Point

August 18, 2013
Re*Brand hits full throttle on trance, having snatched up another rising talent in the game we call music. Gergely Szathmáry makes name as Meridian, by hitting in with ‘Full Anger’ and Turning Point’. Thing may have only just started for Hungarian producer Meridian, but there’s most certainly a bigger plan awaiting this talent. 2013 might just be his big year. Following the success of his ‘Exit’ E.P., is a remarkable new duo release. Given a warm welcome on Re*Brand, are the rough-edged, deep sounds of ‘Full Anger’ and warm melodics of ‘Turning Point’. Keep an eye on this one. 


  1. 1. Full Anger (Original Mix) (06:15)
  2. 2. Turning Point (Original Mix) (07:15)
  3. 3. Full Anger (Radio Edit) (03:44)
  4. 4. Turning Point (Radio Edit) (03:44)
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