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Max Vangeli - Roads EP

June 02, 2017
Ever prolific and at the top of his game, Max Vangeli is back. Brandishing three exceptional cuts in his ‘Roads EP’, he shows that he remains among dance music’s elite in terms of production skill and output. From the soaring synths in ‘Roads’ to the mammoth bassline in ‘Sonar’ and the aptly titled ‘Game Changer’, this EP is the finest of Progressive House in threefold.


  1. 1. Roads (03:11)
  2. 2. Sonar (03:36)
  3. 3. Game Changer (05:22)
  4. 4. Roads (Extended Mix) (04:34)
  5. 5. Sonar (Extended Mix) (05:42)
  6. 6. Game Changer (Extended Mix) (07:22)
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