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Max Graham - Turkish Delight / Carbine

June 25, 2008
Armada Music has teamed up with Max Graham to manage both his record label, Re*brand Records, and his original productions. "The label name, "Re*brand" is a tongue in cheek reference to the constant evolution of the dance music industry and offers fresh and innovative sounds in a scene that continually needs to reinvent itself", says Max who launched the label in 2006. The first release through Armada on Re*brand is going to be his own EP "Max Graham - Turkish Delight/Carbine" DJ Support: Armin van Buuren: supporting both tracks:) Above & Beyond: suporting Carbine on our radio show Markus Schulz: big support on GDJB M.I.K.E. : Great release, thanks guys Eddie Thoneick : playing Carbine!


  1. 1. Turkish Delight (Original Mix) (07:53)
  2. 2. Carbine (Original Mix) (05:47)
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