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Max Graham - The Evil ID

June 09, 2013
Nothing gets an EDM fan more excited than the mysteries of an ID. That one track played in a set that you just can't find the title of. Well…this time, Max Graham ID's it for you! Bringing out the darker shades of his sound, is 'The Evil ID'. You might know him for his warm melodies, smooth vocal edits and tender prog touch. But there's many more faces to the Amsterdam based producer. No stranger to diversity, the Rebrand label owner welcomes his dark side on 'The Evil ID'. An unofficial follow-up of his 'F.Y.C.'. Debuted during Graham's ASOT 600 set in Mexico back in Feb, the title and artists behind the beast were kept secret for some time leading to the speculators on social media calling it simply "That Evil Sounding ID Track Max has been playing". This devilishly good tune will keep you awake at nightly hours, rocking you during your nocturnal adventures. A fine rumble and promising tune of Graham's upcoming artist album.


  1. 1. The Evil ID (Original Mix) (05:41)
  2. 2. The Evil ID (Radio Edit) (03:45)
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