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Max Graham - presents Cycles

August 04, 2008
When im performing I love to open the night, a lot of touring DJ's like to wait till the club is packed to start their set, I would rather start when the first person walks in the door. Starting the night is not a demotion as some DJ's see it, it's a chance to dictate the vibe, set the tone, craft the experience from the first beat. I love seeing that first person walk in the room, find their spot, get that first drink, see that smile of anticipation on their face. As a DJ I find it easy to play the peak time stuff, builds and breaks, heaving energy, hands in the air. Opening, on the other hand, is more delicate. There's something about each track in the first hour or so having just one element more than the previous one, that extra high hat or a bigger bassline, a slight build to draw attention from the clubbers but not enough to give them what they want, that comes later. For "Cycles" I wanted to show that vibe, CD1 is more of an opening set where the beats pick up in energy but don't give it all away right away. I love to tease, to make people beg for that peak time energy, then when they get it its that much more satisfying and rewarding, give it up too soon and you lull them into complacency. If you wait for the right time to really take off everyone leaves a lot happier. CD2 is that peak time vibe that leads into the melodic and emotional cool down that I try to always include in a 2, 3 or 6 hour set. That moment when you're exhausted from the dance floor session and it becomes more of a "listen" than a "high energy jump around the room" vibe, but still has that "is he really doing this right now?" sound, just when you think its ending and it picks back up for the last few tracks. I really hope this CD conveys that experience, it's how I pictured it when making it, its really how I picture it every time I step up to the decks. I truly love my job and I hope it shows Max Graham


  1. 1. Full Continuous DJ Mix Part 1 - Mixed By Max Graham (Mixed By Max Graham) (68:00)
  2. 2. Full Continuous DJ Mix Part 2 - Mixed By Max Graham (Mixed By Max Graham) (75:52)
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