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Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy - So Caught Up

May 29, 2011
A bit over a year ago, Neev Kennedy's bittersweet voice blew through the scene like the first warm breeze of spring. Lead by dreamy piano and a strong melodic twist of progressive trance delight, it was Max Graham's masterpiece 'Sun In The Winter' that marked the return of this talented producer, as well as the rise of a new and beloved voice. After releasing his highly anticipated artist album 'Radio' and 'Cycles Vol. 2' compilation, Max decided it was high time to produce a follow-up. Well, here it is, 'So Caught Up'. A big fan of diversity from the very beginning of his career on, Max introduced the dance fans to a slice of techno, electro, house and trance. 'So Caught Up' however, sits at the deeper end, growling its way up to a storm of a record. This blend of cracking progressive, trancy flavors and Neev's addictive vocals shines out in sound, kicking in with nothing but a flawless example of what prog-trance is all albout. On the remix, Estonian producer Rene Pais, better known as Lens Flare and DNS Project, hits the even deeper depths of 'So Caught Up', shaking the beat-ballad to an absolutely soothing whole. Irish mastermind John O'Callaghan, known for his relentless energy, gave the tempo a firm push and delivers a highly danceable translation on his 'Joint Operations Centre Remix' of 'So Caught Up'.


  1. 1. So Caught Up (Original Mix) (07:26)
  2. 2. So Caught Up (Joint Operations Centre Remix) (08:20)
  3. 3. So Caught Up (DNS Project Remix) (08:00)
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