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Max Graham - Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet)

May 23, 2010
Just weeks before his debut album is released, Max Graham kicks in another reason for you to check it out. The second single of his album 'Radio' is the 2010 remake of his 2005 classic 'Does She Know Yet', given a new identity on 'Dusky 2010'. In Max' case, time ain't nothing but another word for new inspiration. After two years of setting up other businesses, he got back into it with one loud bang: 'Sun In The Winter'. The 15 year long voyage of style-discovery and toying around with techno, house and even 80's dance, all came together in those 7 minutes of vocal bliss, returning to his one true love: trance and progressive. As a souvenir, Max boosts his very own Re*Brand label, that now gets a re-start with the 'Does She Know Yet' remake. Max:"I really wanted to revisit this riff, I've learned a lot in the studio since then and it's something the generation clubbing today has not heard. It felt like the right time for me to re-do it, to hear it bigger and better." Bigger and better it is indeed. 'Dusky 2010' is still riding on its synth-driven melody - melodramatic with a spark of hope - but kicks in deeper, harder and yes..bigger.


  1. 1. Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet) (Original Mix) (07:52)
  2. 2. Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet) (Radio Mix) (03:08)
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