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Maurice Delgado feat. Perky - Survive

June 27, 2011
All members of the house loving society know StoneyBoy delivers one must-have tune after the next, whether that be tunes of himself or new talents out there. This time, it's all-in for upcoming talent Maurice Delgado, a Dutch producer/DJ. We sure hope you've braced yourself, cause 'Survive' could be overwhelming with feel-good house vibes! Maurice's debut release, 'Survive', is a chunk-funky, happy-go-lucky type of house tune. Its cheeky use of filters, faders and loads of traditional house elements make it a perfect fit for the big-room ruling, highlight moments on the dancefloor. On the flipside, Jeroenski & Jorn Pescado added a big dose of euphoria to the production while Kriss-One's remix of 'Survive' sits at the deeper end, crossing prog delight.


  1. 0. Survive (Original Mix) (07:21)
  2. 0. Survive (Jeroenski & Jorn Pescado Remix) (06:37)
  3. 0. Survive (Kriss-One Remix) (06:00)
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