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Matt Meler - Timelapse EP

August 02, 2016
Continuing to deliver sweet-vibed cuts to the Armada Deep label, Matt Meler brandishes some sweet grooving to up the ante with. His 'Timelapse EP' is captivating to the max, as both 'Timelapse' and 'Phased' infuse your mind with solid beats, winding textures, and gripping atmospheres. When lose yourself in tunes like this, hours will seem like minutes. And that's definitely a good thing.


  1. 1. Timelapse (03:13)
  2. 2. Phased (03:14)
  3. 3. Timelapse (Extended Mix) (09:29)
  4. 4. Phased (Extended Mix) (05:46)
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