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Matt Joko feat. SK8 - Inside (The Remixes)

December 13, 2010
While 'Inside', the latest house smasher of Swedish DJ and producer Matt Joko, still conquers the global dance floors with full effect, a new 'Inside' remix-package is already waiting around the corner to rock your world! The latest rework of this summer sounding feel-good track is presented to you by the Swedish/Dutch production crew S69. After remixing for big names like Swedish house chef StoneBridge himself, the production team is proud to introduce you to their extraordinary house chords and pumping beats once more. They translated 'Inside's contagious piano melody to an easy-going synth-scape. With or without SK8's tempting vocals on top of all happenings, the feel-good factor is up high.


  1. 0. Inside (S69 Mix) (06:30)
  2. 0. Inside (S69 Dub Mix) (06:34)
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