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Matt Joko feat. SK8 - Inside

November 22, 2010
It's that time of the year again, with autumn kicking in with full effect, giving us cold and rainy weather and way too many dark hours a day. No wonder we all long back to the warm Ibiza state of mind. Swedish DJ and producer Matt Joko heard our call and provides us with his feel-good houser 'Inside', bringing back summer as soon as the first beat kicks in. Easy going and with naturally flowing house sounds written all over it, its 'Classic Mix' is one to go along with steaming hot beach party memories. Focused on rousing synth-lines, a contagious piano melody and SK8's tempting vocals on top of it all, you'll surely be surfing the warm waves of his 'Inside'. On the flipside, 'Inside' turns into a floor-moving club anthem. The 'Big Room Mix' is ready to conquer all dancefloors, as Matt left the vocal line out but added some intricate melody layers and a bold baseline. So don't you worry - no need to feel down, as long as you have this EP in your collection!


  1. 0. Inside (Classic Mix) (05:54)
  2. 0. Inside (Big Room Mix) (05:37)
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