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Matt Everson - Heist Manoeuvre

April 26, 2010
With a keen ear for UK’s finest beat-talent, label owner John O’Callaghan selected another future champion for the trance scene. Promising sounds left the studio of Matt Everson, not just tingling the ears of John himself, but also making waves on the masses he played it for. Known as one of UK’s most requested DJ’s, the variety of Matt’s sets can also be heard in his productions. Though this fourth Subculture release is only his second original release ever, it clearly shows Matt’s determined to show what he’s made of: 100% pure passion for music. With ‘Heist Manouvre’, Everson unlocks an emotional, straight-forward trancer. Clubfloors will tremble to its bass, bodies will move and minds will be stimulated, as ‘Heist Manouvre’ bursts into the outermost corners of trance universe. Nick Sentience is responsible for some more trance damage, as he hits the techy sounds with his club-quaking ‘Heist Manouvre’ remix.


  1. 0. Heist Manoeuvre (Original Mix) (08:35)
  2. 0. Heist Manoeuvre (Nick Sentience Remix) (06:58)
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