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Matt Davey - Nemesis / Evolution

June 18, 2012
Driven by the darker, harder side of trance music, we find UK producer Matt Davey on the rise. The young talent makes his A State of Trance debut with the ‘Nemesis’ E.P. Let’s see if you can stand still to this one. With the solid support of the A State of Trance listeners and Armin van Buuren behind him, the future’s looking bright and sunny. Killing silence with the energetic and melody-driven ‘Nemesis’ and the emotional and uplifting ‘Evolution’, prepare to be meet more of his sounds on the dance floor. 


  1. 1. Nemesis (Tech Mix) (07:49)
  2. 2. Nemesis (Uplifting Mix) (07:54)
  3. 3. Evolution (Original Mix) (08:14)
  4. 4. Nemesis (Tech Radio Edit) (04:07)
  5. 5. Nemesis (Uplifting Radio Edit) (04:13)
  6. 6. Evolution (Radio Edit) (04:43)
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