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Matt Davey feat. Kate Dowman - Sunrise (Here I Am)

May 20, 2013
It was the warm glowing highlight of his set at ASOT600 Den Bosch, and it'll soon provide magical moments on dance floors all around the globe. With his rework of Ratty classic 'Sunrise (Here I Am)', UK producer Matt Davey may have just found his big break-through! One year after his A State of Trance debut with 'Nemesis' and 'Evolution', things have really started rolling for the Nottingham based producer. A few heavyweight productions followed, as well as a much-wanted spot on the line-up for the biggest trance event in Europe, ASOT600 Den Bosch. And that's only just the tip of it all. With his new track 'Sunrise', featuring an incredible set of vocals by Kate Dowman, he delivers a production of anthem-size. He honours the legendary classic by giving it his very own twist of trance energy. Be prepared to meet this one on the floors this summer.


  1. 1. Sunrise (Here I Am) (Original Mix) (07:30)
  2. 2. Sunrise (Here I Am) (Radio Edit) (03:25)
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