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Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - Still Waters

November 26, 2012
If anything, Matt Darey knows how to quench the thirst for musical pleasure. Rushing right in, like a warm summer breeze, is the latest single of his debut album, the tranquilizing 'Still Waters' ft. Kate Louis Smith. Getting right under the skin with its dreamy melody and soulful vocals of UK singer Kate Louis Smith, 'Still Waters' is one of the absolute highlights of Matt Darey's 'Blossom & Decay' album. Following the successes of 'Too Far', 'I Still Remember' and 'Hold Your Breath', this one unites the best of both prog, house and trance. Greek producer Kevin Sunray, no stranger to sun-inspired melodies, surprises with a rough-edged, darker interpretation of 'Still Waters', absolutely contagious.


  1. 1. Still Waters (Kevin Sunray Remix) (07:07)
  2. 2. Still Waters (Kevin Sunray Radio Edit) (03:37)
  3. 3. Still Waters (Colorless Remix) (08:16)
  4. 4. Still Waters (Colorless Album Version) (03:39)
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