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Matt Darey feat. Erica Driscoll - Too Far

October 01, 2012
It may have taken him 15 years to finalize his debut album, but trust us…it'll be mere seconds till Matt Darey's new single gets under your skin. Taken from 'Blossom & Decay', is the string infused prog tune 'Too Far'. Ever open-minded in fusing sounds, Matt has a deep love for more than just one genre. A love he likes to share, making his album one big, beautiful melting pot of styles. 'Too Far' is another example of that. Funky drums, a hint of guitar, strings, sugar-sweet vocals by Erica Driscoll..and all that carried by the never-ending beat that feeds Matt's addiction to music. A song that sparkles, long after its first round of plays.


  1. 1. Too Far (Extended Mix) (09:43)
  2. 2. Too Far (Radio Edit) (02:56)
  3. 3. Too Far (Turbulence Mix) (08:18)
  4. 4. Too Far (Turbulence Edit) (03:02)
  5. 5. Too Far (Zetandel Chill Mix) (04:26)
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