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Matt Darey feat. Ashley Tomberlin - Lost At Sea

March 11, 2013
There's an undeniable touch of magic in the productions of Matt Darey. Taken from his 'Blossom & Decay' album, is the warming 'Lost At Sea'. A spellbinding song with the incredible vocals of Ashley Tomberlin. Three years after its original release, 'Lost At Sea' returned on the debut album of Matt Darey. The culmination of everything he has done before, it gathered 15 years of experience, producing an array of EDM styles. Arguably one of the strongest tunes on his discography, is the warm, proggy 'Lost At Sea'. A collaboration with Ashley Tomberlin, known for team-ups with Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Maor Levi and of course part of the legendary Luminary project. The Luiz B remix defines the talents of the Brazilian producer, bringing out the energy and flow of the track. It'll easily lure you in its maze of melody, trancy cuts and guitar breaks. Moldavian duo Biotones follow the proggy route, riding loungy intermezzo's and deep bass. Two new interpretations that'll make you fall in love with this beauty once again.


  1. 1. Lost At Sea (Luiz B Remix) (08:05)
  2. 2. Lost At Sea (Luiz B Album Version) (04:13)
  3. 3. Lost At Sea (Biotones Remix) (07:37)
  4. 4. Lost At Sea (Biotones Radio Edit) (02:50)
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