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MatricK - Bass & Noise Is Coming

August 23, 2019
If the title didn’t already get you excited, the thumping kick drums will. With thumping bassline and colossal synth blasts taking the helm in ‘Bass & Noise’, ‘Life Is Rave’ and ‘Radiant’, this three-track powerhouse is all you need for some serious dance floor stomping.

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  1. 1. Bass & Noise (02:11)
  2. 2. Life Is Rave (01:52)
  3. 3. Radiant (03:06)
  4. 4. Bass & Noise (Extended Mix) (03:20)
  5. 5. Life Is Rave (Extended Mix) (02:49)
  6. 6. Radiant (Extended Mix) (04:16)
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