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Matias Faint - Casino Fire

September 19, 2011
Sometimes, there's just something waiting to get out. Matias Faint, one of the masterminds behind the Heatbeat team-up, speaks a mind of his own with his solo release 'Casino Fire'. Besides the many brilliant Heatbeat releases, produced together with Agustin Servente, he also likes to stir things up with his solo productions. And we're glad he does. Landing on the Soundpiercing label, is the cheeky bold 'Casino Fire'. The Argentinean producer kicks in with energy, fusing trance and house with techy elements. 'Casino Fire' plays, swings and kicks in, meant to be played out loud and out loud ONLY! Buenos Aires based duo Kent & Gian, residents of the world-famous Crobar club, belong to one of the fastest rising producer duo's in dance land. Their remix of 'Casino Fire' rides a techy flow of deep bass, high energy and pounding beats!


  1. 0. Casino Fire (Original Mix) (06:55)
  2. 0. Casino Fire (Kent & Gian Remix) (07:27)
  3. 0. Casino Fire (Radio Edit) (03:13)
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