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Mat Zo - The Fractual Universe/This Is Reality

June 22, 2009
It appears that English producer Mat Zo is an ongoing source of inspiration, as he delivers one track after another. And despite the quantity, this guy doesn't fail to deliver quality at the same time. The youngster, still a teenager, is bursting with talent. Shortly after 'Aurus/The Price of Oil' and 'Equinox/ Subaquatic Dream', he's back with another rousing duo. 'The Fractal Universe', already featured on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 2009 album, is an uplifting, feel-good progger with a sunny touch. 'This Is Reality' is the direct opposite of that, as it's dark and twisty, mysterious and hypnotizes with a mix of progressive and techno-stabs. The Mat Zo train just doesn't stop.


  1. 0. The Fractal Universe (Original Mix) (08:43)
  2. 0. This Is Reality (Original Mix) (07:30)
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