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Mat Zo - Fumar

September 07, 2008
Armada Music has teamed up with Max Graham to manage both his record label, Re*brand Records, and his original productions. "The label name, "Re*brand" is a tongue in cheek reference to the constant evolution of the dance music industry and offers fresh and innovative sounds in a scene that continually needs to reinvent itself", says Max who launched the label in 2006. British wonder 'kid' Mat Zo has been delivering some great tunes already, despite his age. With a range of high profile remixes in his pocket he is ready to storm the scene with his progressive trance/house productions! "Fumar" is the latest track of him, and Max Graham picked it up on his label re*brand! "Fumar" is a great progressive trancer that will fit in any set you are planning to play! On the remix no one other then Roland Klinkenberg! More info:


  1. 1. Fumar (Original Mix) (08:16)
  2. 2. Fumar (Roland Klinkenberg Remix) (08:49)
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