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Massimo Santucci and Lost Witness - Best

February 25, 2008
Italian producer Massimo Santucci and Lost Witness teamed up and came with this great melodic house tune. Essential Set starter!! On the remixe we have Chris Ortega, who is scoring hits with his great funky style. DJ Support:Dave Pearce: Supporting on Radio1!Cliff Coenraad: Best dub mix is good! Will find a place in my setsSied van Riel: supporting the Dub mix!Matt Darey: Loving the Vocal mix, bangin stuff!ElSandro: Supporting the Dub mix:)


  1. 0. Best (Vocal Mix) (08:16)
  2. 0. Best (Dub Mix) (08:16)
  3. 0. Best (Chriss Ortega Vocal Mix) (05:50)
  4. 0. Best (Chriss Ortega Dub) (05:50)
  5. 0. Best (Trhouse Dub) (08:16)
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