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Masoud - Where Is The Sunrise (feat. Alexandra Badoi) / No More (feat. Aneym)

March 30, 2014
Masoud has been in the spotlight ever since his first release, and has been supported by Armin van Buuren since the beginning of his professional career. ‘No More’ is a summery tune fit for radio and long days, while ‘Where Is The Sunrise’ takes a slightly more ominous tone. Both are superb vocal tunes, and Aneym and Alexandra Badoi certainly did their part to make these records unique and gorgeous.


  1. 1. Where Is The Sunrise (Radio Edit) (04:35)
  2. 2. No More (Radio Edit) (04:07)
  3. 3. Where Is The Sunrise (Original Mix) (07:32)
  4. 4. Where Is The Sunrise (Dub Mix) (07:32)
  5. 5. No More (Original Mix) (07:34)
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