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Martin Volt & Quentin State feat. Rico & Miella - Shadows

May 06, 2013
They're a hype worth following. A sensation worth to track. Martin Volt & Quentin State make a statement on Trice Recordings, kicking in with their 'Shadows' ft. US vocal duo Rico & Miella! Young at heart, but strong in skills. That Dutch duo Martin Volt & Quentin State. We're very sure you've met them on the dance floor before, with their tracks heavily supported by the likes of Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Hardwell and many more. They've caught a right groove, especially with their now smash 'Shadows'. Featuring upcoming vocal duo Rico and Miella, they present a strong, melodic tune with a highly addictive hook and peak-time climax. Addictive to say the least!


  1. 1. Shadows (Original Mix) (05:03)
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