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Martin Ikin feat. Dope Earth Alien - Headnoise (Get Hype)

November 01, 2019
The perfect successor to his recent Beatport #1 tune ‘Hooked’, Martin Ikin’s new, trailblazing record on Armada Music and Cr2 Records pushes into the club circuit with all it’s got. Featuring the grimy, rhythm-enhancing vocals of Canadian vocalist Dope Earth Alien on a backdrop of thick bass and edgy arpeggios, ‘Headnoise (Get Hype)’ is sure to set you up for a night of grinding and grooving.

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  1. 1. Headnoise (Get Hype) (02:59)
  2. 2. Headnoise (Get Hype) (Extended Mix) (05:46)
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