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MaRLo - Poseidon

March 09, 2014
The year is 1999, and Armin just released ‘Communication’, changing the world forever. It’s a feeling many want to return to, but no one can seem to get it just right. Enter MaRLo. The Australian super-producer takes all the energy and intensity from the ‘Golden Era’ of trance, and packs it into a shiny new package. ‘Poseidon’ is for the true fans. It’s for the people who are used to completely losing themselves at a main stage, watching the greats of the great doing what they do best. Is it any surprise, with tunes like this, that MaRLo is quickly becoming one of them?


  1. 1. Poseidon (Radio Edit) (03:30)
  2. 2. Poseidon (Original Mix) (05:39)
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