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April 08, 2013
Climbing the ladder of success at a high pace, we welcome a new tune of Australia's MaRLo. Already picked up by Armin van Buuren for his 'A State of Trance 2013' album, is the ferocious beat of 'BOOM'! It plays with the mind and stimulates the feet. It's playful, original and absolutely fit for 3 AM moments on the dance floor. 'BOOM' is the brand new tune of MaRLo making, and follows the massive 'Lightning', 'Showgrounds' and 'Megalodon'. Changing tempo and toying around with prog, trance and much, much more, this one is ready to rule.


  1. 1. BOOM (Original Mix) (06:21)
  2. 2. BOOM (Radio Edit) (03:22)
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