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Markus Schulz & Dennis Sheperd - Go!

April 09, 2012
Put the speakers on high alert. Markus Schulz has been back in the thick of it! Hot off the back of his 'Los Angeles '12' city compilation, with 'Go!' he's giving fans their first taste of music from his new artist album (due later in the year). Back in November Markus had fellow countryman Dennis Sheperd over to his Berlin studio and between them, over some intensive studio sessions, they cooked up this sub-atomic floor-monopoliser. Giving it their April Single of the Month, DJ Mag said: "sometimes a track requires the verse/chorus/verse treatment and sometimes its just takes one word". No prizes for guessing which category 'Go!' falls into. In terms of its production dynamic, you can clearly hear who's bringing what to this party. Markus kits 'Go!' out with concussive beats, cyclonic synths and a good n proper helping of distorted techno sub-riffs. Dennis meanwhile trucks in its thermal pads & chords and uprushing, electrifying euphoric touches. Not shy with the throttle, 'Go!' is a Saturday Night Special, ready to consume all in its path. One little word. One juggernaut of a track!


  1. 1. Go! (Original Mix) (06:25)
  2. 2. Go! (Radio Edit) (03:02)
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